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Welcome! We are located on the 3rd floor of the Genome Sciences Building at the University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill, NC.

Our research interests broadly span population genetics, statistical inference, and evolutionary genomics. We are interested in how nonadaptive evolutionary processes like changes in population size, recombination, mutation, direct and indirect effects of negative selection and factors such as genome architecture jointly shape patterns of genomic variation. Work in the lab involves employing computational and theoretical approaches, developing statistical methods, or using an empirical approach to perform evolutionary inference and ask fundamental questions in population genetics. To learn more, please check our Research page. Here are some questions that we are interested in:

  • How much do adaptive vs. non-adaptive evolutionary processes contribute to genome-wide patterns of variation?

  • How does selection against deleterious mutations shape variation at linked sites? 

  • What does the distribution of fitness effects of new mutations look like across species? How can we infer its shape from population-genetic data?

  • What are the selective forces acting on other types of mutations like gene duplicates?


Jun 11, 2024        Jacob's paper was accepted at MBE! Congratulations Jacob!

Apr 26, 2024        Jacob has a new preprint! We investigate how ARG-based methods to infer population                              history might be biased in human and drosophila populations experiencing realistic                                  levels of selection. Read it here.



Mar 10, 2024        Austin's poster was selected for an Honorable Mention at TAGC 2024! Congratulations                              Austin!

Mar 06, 2024        The Lab is heading to The Allied Genetics Conference (TAGC) and excited to present                              posters in the Population Evolutionary and Quantitative Genetics (PEQG) sessions.

Mar 01, 2024        Jacob is giving a talk about his recent findings on ARG-based demographic inference                              at Lunch Bunch in the Biology department at UNC!


Feb 26, 2024        Sachin is giving a talk about his work on the probability of fixation in nonequilibrium                                  populations in the Theoretical Ecology and Evolution seminar series at UNC!

Feb 08, 2024        Austin has a new preprint (our lab's first)! We investigate the accuracy of inference of                               the distribution of fitness effects of new mutations in partially selfing populations.                                      Read it here!

July 19, 2023        Sachin Kaushik has joined our lab! Welcome Sachin!

Jun 19, 2023        Austin will be giving a talk at Evolution on Sunday, June 25th, in the symposium                                         entitled "Population Genetics Theory / Methods IV".

Jun 12, 2023         Austin passed his qualifying exams with flying colors!!! Congratulations Austin!

May 15, 2023        Jacob Marsh has joined us in Chapel Hill! Welcome Jacob!

May 08, 2023        Austin Daigle has officially joined the lab! Welcome Austin!


Apr 17, 2023         Parul gave a talk at the workshop entitled "Biological evolution across scales:                                            mathematical modelling and statistical inference", organized by EPFL. We thank the                                  organizers for the invitation! 


Mar 08, 2023        Parul gave a talk at the PopSim satellite meeting held at CSHL. We thank the     

                             organizers for the fantastic conference and the invitation!


Jan 31, 2023        We are very excited to welcome the first rotation student, Austin Daigle, to the lab!



Jan 03, 2023        Officially the first day of the lab!

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